Entheogen - EP

by The Chemical Mind

Entheogen 06:40
Before they told us who had died They raised their hands and said "The LORD is our strength" Before remembering who she was They made us raise our hands and sing "The LORD is our shepherd" And we walked further than we had ever walked before And we gathered for more than we would ever gather again And we fought more than we had ever fought before And we closed our lips before we were to say “He is with me” Before they told us who had died They raised their hands and said "The LORD is our strength" Thank God she died for us All love, all hate, to teach a message That's all she was to you Praise God! She'll never breathe again
Keep from me your divine poetry Your words will follow me home Where I’ll lay alone and pray until they’re gone Let me forget how to speak Let me forget how to read I wish to think naught but abstract memories Keep me from your divine poetry
In Ascent 06:00
I need you to hear me I am deaf to my own voice I need you to remember I’ve forgotten all that matters to me Lift me up In holy ascent I see the holy ones raise themselves up I want them to set me apart so I can be holy and divine just like them
In the tower above the earth, There is a view that reaches far Where we see the universe, I see the fire, I see the end. Seven miles above the earth, There is Emmanuel of mothers. With his sward, with his robe, He comes dividing man from brothers. In the tower above the earth, we built it for Emmanuel. In the powers of the earth, we wait until it rips and rips. In the tower above the earth, we built it for Emmanuel. Oh my mother, she betrayed us, but my father loved and bathed us. Still I go to the deepest grave, Where I go to sleep alone.


The second release by The Chemical Mind. My goal with this EP was to lean further in to the shoegaze and post-hardcore elements, which is heard most evidently in “In Ascent.” However, the black metal roots of this project are still heard clearly in “Entheogen” and “Lingua Franca.” My cover of “The Seer’s Tower” by Sufjan Stevens is, in retrospect, the weak point of this EP, but the shoegaze elements are at forefront here.


released December 2, 2017

Nick Krueger - Guitars, vocals, bass, composition
Matt Cleppper - Additional guitars on "Lingua Franca" and "The Seer's Tower"

"The Seer's Tower" originally by Sufjan Stevens


all rights reserved



Nick Krueger Dallas, Texas

I'm a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. I'm involved in multiple projects spanning a variety of genres.

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