This Wind Is Cold and Deafening

by The Chemical Mind



The third release by The Chemical Mind; a single piece comprised of four movements. For this piece, I wanted to experiment with electronic elements incorporated into my usual atmospheric black metal sound. I also wanted to push a little further into the harsh, dark, and dissonant aspects of black metal. As a result, this piece features some of the heaviest and harshest music I've written, as well as some of the most peaceful and serene.


released April 15, 2018

Composed, performed, and produced by Nick Krueger

Special thanks to Ben Levin


all rights reserved



Nick Krueger Dallas, Texas

I'm a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. I'm involved in multiple projects spanning a variety of genres.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you'd like to have me make music for your game, movie, etc.

This page is for album releases. To hear the music I've written for, visit my SoundCloud. For miscellaneous music, visit my SoundCloud or YouTube channel.
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Track Name: Movement 2 (Revelation)

Whose body is this?
I have no place here
In the cave, I cower and huddle for warmth
I can’t muster up the strength to tear apart the twine that holds me in place

Where do I find the image of god inside me?
Has it been torn apart?
Was it ever even there?
This is the only thought in my mind
This is the only thought in my mind
Track Name: Movement 4 (Ambiguity)

It will take me a year to wake up from this dream
Where the wind is cold and deafening
drowning out the voice I hate, but the words I need to speak

But when I awake, will I be in her warm embrace?
Or will the frigid air make way for a burning light?